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VidhyaAI is your new study buddy that helps you prepare, practice, revise, and learn smartly. Now, you can focus on mastering your subjects rather than juggling study tasks

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Utilize tools and bots for studying from textbooks, exam preparation, reviewing concepts, and creating notes across various subjects.

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Reduce stress with Vidhya AI

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Practice, revise, and learn effectively

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Master Subjects Efficiently

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Eliminate study task distractions

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Play Fun Quizzes & Games during Learning

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Write Articles, Letters, Speeches, etc

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Stop wasting your time Don’t wait for someone to solve your doubts or go through the same things again and again to get a follow-up doubt cleared. Vidhya AI solves any doubt for every difficulty you face on the spot so that you don’t waste time and keep going effectively.


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What is Vidhya AI, the AI-powered study assistant for students in India?

Vidhya AI is an advanced AI-powered study assistant tailored to support self-study for Indian teenagers. It provides personalized, interactive learning experiences aimed at making studying more engaging and efficient.

What is the time commitment for testing Vidhya AI's AI study assistant?

We recommend testers to use Vidhya AI regularly to provide comprehensive feedback. However, the time commitment depends on your personal study schedule.

Can I use the Vidhya AI learning platform for all academic subjects?

Absolutely, Vidhya AI is versatile and can assist with a wide array of subjects. Our AI technology is developed to provide comprehensive support for various academic disciplines.

How can I sign up my children to test the Vidhya AI study tool?

To register your children for Vidhya AI, please fill in their details in our online form. Ensure that you have their consent and adhere to our age restriction policies.

How will I learn about new features to test in Vidhya AI?

We keep our community updated about new features and improvements through email communications and in-app notifications. As a tester, you'll be among the first to hear about any updates or new features in Vidhya AI.

Be part of the future of
"Vishwaguru Bharat"

Maximize your exam scores with Vidhya AI. Generate unlimited sample papers, ask endless doubts, and enhance your self-study. You’re the future generation shaping Bharat into a Vishwaguru once again.